Our Philosophy in Serving You

Our Philosophy in Serving You

Your success is the success of our manufacturing and distribution company in Twinsburg, OH. Spencer Products Company has built close relationships with both domestic and offshore manufacturers in concert with our long-standing specialized proprietary lines to deliver an invaluable advantage to you in today’s competitive marketplace.

With our ISO 9001:2008 certification, combined with our copyrighted “INControl” inventory management/consigned program, we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality and service to our customers. We employ a professional and experienced staff with a wealth of industry knowledge that is ready to serve you.

Customer Focus

The customer is the beginning and the end of our business. We depend on them and their loyalty to keep us in business. Therefore, we are focused on managing and enhancing their perception of us and our ability to consistently meet their requirements.

Involvement of People

The energy that makes our business operate successfully is the people who interact with the customer and the product. They are intimately involved with the details of the business and their dedication and perseverance is the essence of our success.

Process Approach

We see and trust our OEM parts business as a series of interconnected and interdependent processes. A desired result is achieved more effectively when activities and related resources are managed as a process.

System Approach to Management

As a leadership team, we are constantly improving our approach, techniques, and methodologies in order to better manage and operate the interrelated processes of our business. Our focus is always on improving our ways of achieving the objectives we have set for ourselves while meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Continual Improvement

Because customer needs and expectations are changing, and because of competitive pressures and technical advances, we are driven to continually improve our services and processes. The objectives and priorities cited above are the mechanism which we use to bring this concept to reality.

Factual Approach to Decision Making

We have developed and continue to use a series of key measurements that indicate to us whether we are accomplishing the objectives we have established. These measurements and the data collection system that supports the reporting activity assist us in properly allocating our reports and resources.

Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships

The suppliers we use are an integral part of the system we operate and as such are part of the success we experience. While our customers seldom know the suppliers, the customer is clearly impacted by their contribution and performance. We have developed processes and methodologies that ensure that the supplier is considered in the direction and objectives of the organization. Together we create the value added aspect that our customers expect.