Inventory Manager System in Twinsburg, OH

Storage AreaSpencer Products Company is always looking for new ways to help our customers. One of the ways we have managed to accomplish this goal is by creating our state-of-the-art inventory manager system in Twinsburg, OH. What does this inventory software do? Known as INControl, this inventory control system helps you take control over exactly what inventory you order, the lot tracking, and the paperwork, records, and purchase orders associated with your account.

Only available from our equipment manufacturer, this impress system helps you eliminate the need of having cash tied up in inventory while ensuring you have unbelievable control over your account. You will manage your inventory more efficiently while spending less time on purchasing, lot control, and inventory tracking with our help.

Thanks to our high-tech, computerized INControl System and our superior commitment to customer service, your entire onsite inventory can now be managed on a consignment basis. Now that is total control, right down to the option of paying only for the inventory you use, when you use it.

Unbelievable Inventory Flexibility

Computer with InventoryWith the INControl System, you have total control over your inventory with an unbelievable degree of flexibility. This inventory software helps you keep track of any kind of inventory your business utilizes. Take your pick from these three options:

Consignment – Include the system, the inventory, and the barcoding for all the Spencer Products Company-supplied items. You get automatic billing, submission of orders, and electronic messaging services.

Controlled – Available with consigned inventory from our inventory manager system company. Gives you the option to label and track other items besides our fasteners.

Unrestricted – Available with the controlled inventory option. Configured to track any item using its existing barcoded label. Eliminates the need to create more labels for new items.

And the system is designed to be even more flexible than the above descriptions may lead you to believe. Additional options include multiple scanners, multiple customers, multiple customer types, multiple users, and multiple inventories. Your single warehouse can also have several scanners operating at the same time with our software. This also allows you to have scanners at several different warehouses. In other words, it is easily tailored to meet your specific needs.

All It Takes Is One Finger

Product BarcodeIf you can dial a touchtone phone, you can operate our INControl System. It is that simple and easy. Here is how it works. First, you scan the inventory either as you use each item or at regular intervals to determine what is left. Next, you place the scanner on its cradle and the information will be automatically transferred to the computer. The order is then automatically transferred to our company and the process is complete.

To help you keep better track of everything, the system will also generate a report customized to your specific format. These report generations include:

Listing All Parts & All Locations
Listing One Part & One Location
Listing Multiple Parts in Multiple Locations

Everything You Need to Get Started

Portable Barcode ScannerOnly at our inventory software company will you receive everything you need for a complete turnkey computerized operations center for your inventory management needs. Our barcodes and labels include the quantity, your part number, your location, and your lot number while our team happily installs and trains your staff on how to use our machine and barcodes to get the results you are after.

You receive everything you need to take advantage of our inventory control system when you work with us. We provide you with the scanner, software, and the training as well as a password secure system that is completely customizable for every special situation. Call our representative today for a free demonstration in your office. Our friendly and accommodating staff is eager to serve you.

Have any questions or concerns? Email us at for a speedy response.